Friday, May 30, 2008

It's been a while...

So it has been a while since I last wrote on this blog. Four months to be exact. This is what happens when you let life carry you away. I suppose I don't have any real excuse for not writing. Other than I haven't made time to write and haven't felt like expressing the inner monologue. Today I do, as my husband is away on a business trip. I normally blurt out my crazy all over him and have been sensing a build up since late yesterday.

I am sitting in the apartment with no front door. They have spent the last few months upgrading our building with new wiring, new doors, proper fire hoses etc. Apparently we have been living in a building that could have self-combusted, at any moment. Unfortunately they measured our door wrong. Hence I am stuck for many hours without a door and can't leave to go to the gym at my lunch break. So I must sit here and work with drilling and banging pounding in the corridor, which I can see from the living room.

Apart from the door issue all is good. I have been contemplating my employment and my own work recently. I am working through some issues there but other than that all is good. See below for what I have been up to over the last four months.

The Police Concert

Melbourne Weekender

Nothing like watching your husband unlock a security door by slamming his a*se against the door sensor, a proud public moment for us both. (P.S his sensor card was in his wallet)

Mmmmm, hot cross buns. So lekker.

Easter feast of pancetta wrapped sirloin with taragon, caper and garlic butter, butter and thyme potato stacks, macadamia steamed asparagus and peas.

Earth Hour: An hour by candle light

Calabrese from Ciao Italia in Perth

Crazy wig in antique shop

Soldiers with boiled eggs at a local cafe

Ate dinner under the Opera House shells

Goodbye old friend (forced removal of a lovely old door)

So as you can see I have been mainly eating over the past few months, with the occasional stop at antique shops, the Opera House, my home city, and enduring embarrassing ass to door antics. I am not a total slacker though, I have been working my behind off, both at work and at the gym. Aaahh the gym, now that is a whole other story.