Monday, January 29, 2007

Sooo Stressed

Have you even tried having a part time job and tried to run a business (which is putting out a huge publication and various websites and brochures) at the same time? If you have, I feel your pain! If you haven’t, seriously, save yourself the heart palpitations and skip it all together. It’s not worth it!

I am having a lot of fun at the moment, but I have absolutely no life! See, I am a worrier, I worry about everything. I am not kidding. I worry that a total stranger might walk up to me see a speck of dirt on my top and judge me as being an incompetent human being. So, this whole ‘so many things to do at once, multiple deadlines, working days and nights and weekends’ thing, it is becoming a little too much for my head and my little heart to deal with.

I think the key is to stop thinking about it, and just DO IT!

Aaaaaah stresssss!!!!

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