Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nigella is sooo hot right now...

So I am sitting here on a lazy Saturday afternoon, nursing my champagne headache, watching the lifestyle channel and enjoying the kitchen stylings of Nigella Lawson. She is so hot! I know hetero chicks aren't supposed to say that about other women, but have you seen this woman baking a chocolate cheese cake? She is just gorgeous!

I wonder how many men secretly watch her show just so they can have a good perv.

The way that they film this show is actually very seductive. They constantly zoom in on her boobs and lips. I have counted at least 17 chest puppy shots in the last 20 minutes, and about double that amount of lip shots. Crikey and now she is in her silky dressing gown making hot chocolate! Should this show have a M15+ rating or what?!

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