Monday, April 03, 2006

Daily Morning Coffee Bog

Now, I know this may be a bit of a sensitive subject for some, but I think that it is a phenomenon which extends beyond my humble bathroom behaviour. The morning coffee bog, I think, is something that happens to many of us coffee drinkers, and that we don't really like to admit to it. :)

Every morning we suck down our couple of cups of caffiene and then after an hour or so we are running to the loo with much haste, we have all of a sudden been taken over by the incredible urge to s**t. It is so horrible, even your own nose begins to shrink and try to retreat back inside your head. I wonder what it is about the coffee that makes us do this, and why we continue to drink coffee, even though we know it makes us do this??

The fiance told me many times that in his old office he sometimes couldn't step foot into the bathroom after about 10am, as the entire office had just gone to perform their ritualistic coffee bogs. How gross!!! This is how I know that I am not alone. He reckons that these people don't have enough fibre in their diet and this is why. But I am not so sure because he thinks this doesn't happen to him, yet we both eat the same foods and I have a ritualistic coffee bog daily. Unless he is ashamed of his daily coffee bog! Oh my god, he is a closet coffee bogger!! Haa haa.

For thos who are not Australian and haven't picked up what a bog's an Aussie word for the loo, or sometimes what you do in the loo. There are many kinds of bogs, the After Grog Bog (ABG) and the newly invented Morning Coffee Bog (MCB). Are there any more I wonder??

This topic is Doctor Karl worthy I think! What is with the MCB??

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