Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have had a Sh*tter of a morning.

There was no milk left and no coffee (I repeat NO COFFEE!)!!! I made the fiancee late for work, because I could not choose the right jacket! I spilt coffee on the carpet. I put on pants that were too long and hence stood on them all the way from the carpark to the office. I wore sh*t shoes that have floppy heel bits that I keep standing on (so combined with the long pants, when I walk I look like one of my legs is shorter, or a sped (apologies for the lack of political correctness here, but I am emotional dammit!) as I try to walk without letting the shoes fall off my heels where I will then stand on the heel again and look like more of a sped). Then I dropped the keys at the foot of the office door, after my shoulders were almost falling of from carrying my laptop, 2 litres of milk, 500g of coffee, my lunch box, and (cover your ears coffee lovers) black instant coffee in a thermos cup (that's right instant coffee, I was that desperate to improve my morning).

You want more??

Feeling a little more relieved now, have had real coffee, have read my daily installment of, and have answered my emails. It took me until now to realise that this morning was the effect of hormones, I am almost positive! This realisation came about when I wrote an email to my Uncle, who is currently in Japan, as I had heard he may not be able to make it back in time for our wedding. :( I was devastated, he is the only of my Uncle's that lives in Perth, my favourite uncle, we are really close, and I got all teary when I was writing him an email.

Sooo yeah you could say I am a little emotional, so you know what that means, tomorrow there will be a visit from Crampy McCramps, and then the time of the month where I just want to shower for 5/6 days straight.

Oh, the joy of being a woman!

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