Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reclaiming garden beds, folding bed sheets and other interesting elements of married life

Well, it has been a while since the last post but I do have the excuse of a big white wedding. Well it wasn't that big, but it surely was white. :) We have been married for 6 weeks!! And I am are loving it, though alot of it doesn't feel any different, our routine is the same but something does feel more special. Almost as if there is a greater responsibility now to make things work, which I have always felt, but I kind of feel like I have been given a gift.

So life has been getting back to normal, and we have thrown ourselves back into work and life in general, and on Sunday I well and truly threw myself in the deep end. I decided that a small garden tidy up was to become a Backyard Blitz (except in the front yard) and set about reclaiming my garden beds, from their covering of weeds and grass that has decided that the garden bed is a better place to grow than the actual lawn (which often looks more like a sandpit). The garden looked fantastic! The husband and I even ecitedly decided that we should plant some rosemary and grow it into a hedge along the front fence, (something that will inevitably be a dream, or will happen and then we wil proceed to kill the rosemary through our ignorance of the need to water plants). So all was well in the little garden with the blue picket fence, but the next morning all was not well inside the little house with the blue picket fence!

"What do you mean you can't move?"
"I mean I CAN'T MOVE!"

My muscles were so strained from all of the blitzing that my legs, arms and upper body (effectively my whole body) had seized up. I was dragged to the shower where I melted my muscles and then carried on with my day, as per normal, despite the fact that when I walked, I looked like a teenage girl wearing jeans that are waaayyy too tight. :)

Today I am a little better, went to the gym to ensure there was no further seizing up of the muscles and stretched forever!

Still walking like a teenage girl who is wearing jeans that are waaaayyy to tight...also just washed my jeans, and they are waaaaayyy to tight, so the effect is double, quite hilarious really.

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