Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing? When no matter how much you try to set yourself up to do something, prepare yourself with coffee, lining up all of your folders and writing your to do list, you just can’t seem to begin? I am having one of those days, when it seems that I can do everything else in the world but anything constructive. I have to pull myself out of it, how, how, how do I do that? I just feel…I dunno…flat…very flat…extremely flat. I can’t explain it.

That was earlier today…now I am feeling much better. See all that has to happen is that you get half of your Christmas cards done, enveloped and addressed, whilst feeling super efficient, as it is still November! Then your fabulous husband comes home, notices that you have had a sh*tter of a day, takes you out to dinner and gets you liquored up, cheers you up with great conversation, and then you feel even better. Aaah, I love my man.

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