Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First Day at School

This morning I dropped of my husband at the train station for his first day at work. He seemed very excited and although he doesn’t seem to be nervous I don’t think he slept as well as he normally does. I can still hardly believe that we are over here in Sydney now and our new life over here has begun. The last 5 days have been a blur of unpacking, buying fridges and furniture, unpacking, eating out, unpacking, cardboard, packing paper, unpacking etc. You get the picture.

There have been emotional ups and downs, though there have predominantly been ups, despite the fact that we have been living in a tornado of paper and boxes which has been hard for my OCD cleanliness side to deal with. I have been able to keep the kitchen, bathroom, and our bedroom spotless however, so this has helped me to deal with the fact that we are still surrounded by boxes in our living room, and have to lay on the ground to watch Scrubs.

A few of the emotional downs have been that my uncle described our area of choice to live as nice, except that we are surrounded by prostitutes and people who spend their life with the Ice Fairies. Oh dear…another was that this morning in the paper there was a story about a serial rapist who climbed into a woman’s window during the day and assaulted her. This was in a different area to where we are, but you can imagine my concern working from home during the day. Thank god that we live on like the 4th floor of a secure building, which is impossible to climb up. Can you see now why I can’t watch scary movies? I end up going through all of the terrible things that could happen to others or me after I see them, and then don’t sleep for days!

The emotional ups for today are that we get our new red couch delivered and all of our funky new lounge room cupboards. Finally, some place to put all the unpacked items. We will spend the entire evening putting together storage units! What fun!

Images of boxes, unpacking, and copious amounts of packing paper coming soon...

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