Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Extremely, extremely slack…and this is why

I have been very slack with the old blog lately, and it is because I have not had two moments to rub together over the last several weeks.

In the last few weeks, we have:
  • Cleaned the cr*p and junk out of our house
  • Prepared for removalists
  • Travelled to Sydney to find an apartment
  • Found above apartment, after much walking, pain, torture, exposure to the worst apartments in the world, and crying.
  • Had our home packed up by three hilarious men, all of which have now seen my underwear collection, as they packed all of my belongings.
  • Dropped our car with a company who will truck it over to Sydney
  • Moved into my mum’s house
  • Lived out of suitcases (still currently doing)
  • Had a big goodbye BBQ
  • Welcomed a brother back from Europe
  • Had several mini break downs
  • Had several little fights which we have simply dismissed due to our current stress levels
  • Completed ridiculous amounts of design work in between all of the above

We are flying out in 2 days! We have reached the goodbye stages, which I am never good at. I am actually a little worried as I haven’t had a good bawl about leaving yet, and I am worried that when it hits I may not walk for days afterwards.

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