Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ok…so we are moving to Sydney!

My un-employed husband is no longer un-employed! Oh yes, that’s right! My days of coming home to my househusband are almost over! Of course before I get to experience a workingman again, we have to pack up our entire lives and move to Sydney…small sacrifice! Haa haa, not really.

We got confirmation on Wednesday, and we have almost cleared out all the unwanted cr*p from our unit, which has been a really cleansing experience. I recommend that everyone imagine that they are moving interstate and cull all their cr*p so they can feel as cleansed as I do right now. I feel freed, from all of the useless papers, collected postcards, dusty books, old candles, teenage clothing (yes I am 24 and still had a huge box of teenage clothing). It is really amazing how much stuff really means nothing to our lives, yet we all seem to carry it around with us. I never thought of myself as much of a hoarder, I always do a twice-yearly sort and throw, but I have held on to so much useless, ugly, trashy things, all of which I actually disliked but felt compelled to keep.

This week we will have all of our stuff packed, loaded and trucked and will move in with my Mumma, and we will go to Sydney to look at apartments next weekend.

It is all happening so quickly, all of this change. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as it has forced us to make quick decisions and not over think things too much. My only concern is that after about a month of being there that it will all hit us, and we will get a bit homesick and lonely. We will have each other, and some of my family also. But once we settle in, I think it will hit us that this is a really big change.

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