Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prep for the 1st Baby Shower

On Saturday I am going to attend my first baby shower, for a girlfriend of mine. She is an absolute doll, and I am sooo excited about going to the shower (and about the baby of course). So yesterday, in preparation I went out to buy her a gift. I was going to get her all the Bunnikins gear, you know the ceramic bowl, double handled cup, spoon with the handle, all that sorta junk. This was the traditional gift in my family for babies. But then I made the huuugggee mistake, and just let me emphasise huuugggee mistake of going into a really funky baby shop in South Perth, and came out with a couple of other items which do not match the previous description…at all! I still really want to get the Bunnikins stuff but now I can’t afford to get that too!

I swear to god, that no woman over the age of 21 should be allowed inside a baby shop! No way, hoossaay! Especially not in Spring! I was like a kid in a candy store! There were cute dresses, jumpsuits, giant rubber ducky’s, booties, hats, cool t-shirts with “Got Milk” written on them. How were the Bunnikins ever going to compete with that? They just didn’t stand a chance. I wanted to buy everything in there, and I mean everything!

I got home with a huge bag containing two expertly wrapped gifts and the cutest card ever (!) for my friend and her future daughter. The first thing I said to my husband was that under no circumstances was he to allow me near that shop again, especially when we eventually pop out our own watermelons. Because I swear, if I go there again, I will spend every cent we have, and don’t have (on credit) in that shop, till there is absolutely nothing cute left in there.

I must admit, I might even have to hold him back too, cause when I told him about the Got Milk baby t-shirt he just about ran for the keys and the car to go down there and buy it. But I mean who wouldn’t? That’s funny sh*t!

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