Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Snail Massacre

After 17 months of being in our unit, we have finally got plants in our garden beds! We rent our unit from a family member, and I was so excited when they suggested that we go to the nursery and get some seedlings. I am a kinda on and off gardener, which actually does not match well with seedlings…but I am trying to train myself. The seedlings, I plan to let them help in the training. If they don’t succeed plan to hear me b**ching not about a snail massacre, but a seedling massacre. I can assure everyone that I have been watering everyday, and performing maintenance weeding, and I have even put out snail pellets.

Speaking of the snail pellets. I have never really been into using snail pellets or too many chemicals, snail pellets in large doses can hurt kitties and puppies. Especially the poor malnourished kitty (we’ll get into that on another day) who regularly sits in my mounds of mulch. My Dad assured me that the seedlings would not survive the wrath of the snail army, so I skittled a few of them lovely blue pellets around.

That was Sunday. On Wednesday I went outside to water and weed, and there was a Massacre! In all of the little water moats that surrounded my seedlings there were at least 5-6 little curled up snail bodies. I feel like a murderer. I was more upset about the dead snails than the idea of losing the seedlings. I still have not been able to look at the moats, and empty out the bodies, luckily today it rained like a b*atch so I didn’t have to go out there and water. Mmm maybe I should have a memorial service.

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