Friday, December 22, 2006

The biggest of the smalls

I was going to leave this rant until after Xmas so as to not spoil the spirit of this time of year. But the other day I went to buy some tights at Supre and that just tipped me over the edge. I don’t know if any of you have noticed but over the past few years the sizing of women’s clothing has gone through some serious tweaking. By tweaking I mean that what used to be a size 8 or 10 is now no longer a size 8 or 10, it’s more like a 10 or 12 respectively. Now I know I shouldn’t b*tch about being a size 8/10, but when this first started happening all I could think was that I was on a slippery slope from eating too many carbs. I have never been self conscious about my body until now.

At Supre I was trying to buy a pair of brown tights, and on the pile on tights there were the following sizes; s, xs, xxs, xxxs. Seriously XXXS! That size should not exist! That size only fits stick insects and pre-pubescent 14 years old girls! What is the fashion world coming too, when a skinny girl feels bad about going shopping for clothes? Maybe I am being a drama queen, but all I can think about is how horrible must it feel to go shopping when you are a beautiful size 12, or 14? Why does the fashion world deem it necessary to make beautiful women with realistic body shapes feel bad about themselves, after all aren’t these the majority of the buyer market? The cannot seriously be that many stick insects in this world that require an entire fashion market to cater to them.

What is the fashion world coming to? Why are they alienating the majority of their market? Doesn’t seem like smart marketing to me.

P.S Happy Birthday Mamma.

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