Friday, December 15, 2006


I have been feeling very reflective in the last few of days, to allow my brain to catch up with our new life, and all of its new challenges. My poor old brain and heart have taken a beating over the last year really, not necessarily a beating in a bad way, perhaps a description would be ‘a workout’. Yes, ‘a workout’ is definitely what I have experience in the heart and the head department in the past year.

This time a year ago I was working for a design studio, and since then I have:
  • Left my job
  • Dealt with various family crisis (sad face)
  • Started my own business from scratch
  • Got married (happy face)
  • Moved into a shared office, where I learnt heaps and had heaps of fun.
  • Moved out of a shared office (sad face)
  • Moved across country, which resulted in losing all physical contact with my best friends, family and newly discovered design guru’s.
  • Realised that perhaps I wasn’t as profitable in my business as I wished (fair go though, it’s only been 9 months since I started it)
  • Realised that without work face-to-face contact and separation from loved ones, I have in fact become…a loner…oh yes.
Mmm, yes. I know what you are thinking, “poor little brain, poor little heart”. I know that I have my husband here with me in this new town, and believe me he really is my best friend in the whole world. But…each of us need other things/people in our lives other than each other. Unfortunately we have long ago left behind that completely amateur idea/reality of a relationship where all you want to do, is spend time with your partner 24/7. I know, and he knows that this is not healthy for a person’s brain, and heart. We can support and look after each other without being permanently attached at the hip.

So…do I have a plan. Oh yes! I have a plan! I am setting the wheels in motion…perhaps when the time is right I will share the details.

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Anonymous said...

It's powerful to read this. The distance in time (between written and read) makes it no easier to sit with. I cry, even knowing the plan worked, because I can still feel the pain.