Friday, December 01, 2006

She’s coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow one of my girlfriends arrives to stay with us for a few days, and I am super excited. Also I have this un-nerving compulsion to scrub my apartment from top to bottom, drive to Ikea and buy little frames to put up all the pictures I was going to attend to later, go and buy some Christmas paper and make decorations, baste a turkey, scrub the apartment from top to bottom again. It’s not that the apartment is dirty at all, I cleaned it on Monday and I do general cleaning every chance I get during the day, it’s just that I have this ingrained need to have everything perfect when people visit us. It’s not that my friend will even mind, she won’t at all, it’s just that I will worry that the house is not perfect and will passive aggressively torture myself if it’s not. Damn these OCD Italian cleaning genes!

Sooo, this afternoon I will drive out to the shopping centre and get some flowers, some stuff from Lindcraft and a paper shop to make my house look even more perfect than it already looks! (Oh dear, I really do worry about myself sometimes!) I am worried about killing myself on the way to the shopping centre though, as I have not yet driven over here and I am worried that all the Sydney scary drivers will ram me like the insane taxi driver did a couple of weeks ago. See I just can’t risk that kind of stress as my head may explode if the car gets ruined in addition to there being one speck of dust on the coffee table.

So despite all the torture that I will inevitably put myself through today, to ensure that the house is perfect, I am still super excited about my friend coming over here! I have really missed my girlfriends!

P.S Mental note: do not paint nails in enclosed spaces like I did this morning. When you paint your nails in an apartment the size of a shoebox it is important to open a window so that your husband doesn’t come home and find you shrivelled up dead on the floor from the nail polish fumes. Nail polish poisoning…another side effect of having everything anally perfect, including your fingernails.

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