Friday, November 23, 2007

Living in a marginal seat

So it's the big F.E. this weekend. (Federal Election) Frankly I get quite excited about elections. With all of the emotion, the yelling, the accusations, the name calling and blame games. Kind of reminds me of growing up with three brothers. It is funny how child like politicians are though, particularly at election time, when they seem to revert to the pre-pubescent versions of themselves. I wonder if they realise how unattractive all that name calling is to voters.

I always love it when they hold or kiss babies. They and the baby look so damned uncomfortable. I just wish that one day, for shits and giggles, the kid would throw up on them. Now that would be awkward!

It's less than 24 hours to go, and today I have had no less that two automated calls from political party's. Their last ditch effort to sway the voter uses an automated voice of a young girls life destroyed by work choices, and a woman defending economic management. Unfortunatley for them I have decided where my vote is going, so an automated voice isn't really going to make a different to me. But for the undecided voter I don't think, that in this age of annoying call centres, a voice recorded message will have the desired effect. In fact I would think it would be a major turn off for the undecided voter.

What will you be doing tomorrow tonight as they count the votes? I shall be glued to SBS in anticipation, hoping to catch some more name calling. Awaiting the time when us the parents get to know which group of kiddies has to go to bed, and which is allowed to stay up late.

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