Saturday, February 25, 2006

Alone in the World

Alone in the world of design! I am officially un-employed! Well self-employed, which in this town means un-employed. Fun fun!! I am already flat out with work which is great, but I am also really concerned about being able to make enough money, and provide enough for the life that me anf my fiancee live. I don't think he is as worried as I am though, as he seems to believe that I can do this, and I probably can, but hey sometimes I find it all too hard to beleive. :)

Today my best friend and I went to the pub and finished off a bottle of white wine and had a great chat, about the realities of life and love and relationships. Which is fairly regular apparently as two sisters on the table next to us were doing the same thing! I just love how easily that women can read other women, it's great! We can read other women so well, tell by their body language and the way that they look at their girlfriends. Just from reading our neighboring table we ended up having the best chat ever with these fabulous women. One of them is getting married next weekend, and the other (her sister) has just come over from Sydney for the wedding. The sister suspects that her boyfriend in Sydney is cheating on her, so she is flying home tonight to see him, and hopefully catch him out!! Increadible, how kick ass is that! I suppose that you cannot tell alot about a woman when you have just met her, but this lady was lovley, and gorgeous and had a sparkling personality. what was this guy thinking!!

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