Sunday, February 12, 2006

Invasion of Hairy Black Worms

A friend of mine has been invaded my crazy little black worms that are trying to desecrate a tree in her front yard. They are spreading all throughout her garden, and they are absolutely disgusting!!

Then the other day I walked out the back of my house and I saw a single furry black worm! Then and few hours later they were everywhere, invading my yard, and threatening all of my lovely plants! Aaaah! When I see them I can't help but shudder, I am not sure why, as I have never had such a negative reaction to bugs before. Living in Australia bugs kinda become part of your existence. But these worms...well lets just say I can't handle them.

So the fiance and I went on a mission to locate the beastly shrub that was attracting the worms and get rid of it, in the hope of removing out little worm problem. So after removing said shrub, we thought "Great! Crisis overted!" But we are still being invaded, everytime I go outside I have to Baygon the suckers, and I feel really guilty everytime, even though I don't like them. Cause when you Baygon them they wriggle and squirm :( It makes my teeth feel funny just thinking about it, like when you see/hear someone run their fingers down a black board.

My soon to be sister in law has been over, and I have left the bug spraying to her. You go kick ass girl! Get those wormy's! But don't show them to me :( I don't wanna see them!

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