Monday, February 13, 2006

What a depressing day

Do you ever have a day when you think that you will bever make it to the end with an outcome that is required of you? Today was one of those days, I came home feeling like a total failure all because I couldn't design a logo properly, because it was a caricature. And I of course cannot draw people to save my life, unless they are immensley stylised or naked women (life drawing) in charcoal or pastels. Imagine being a designer who can't draw cartoons and caricatures, well that is me. I can draw many other things, in fact most other things. But as the Fiancee has said, it is impossible to be perfect at everything. :) Wise words :)

The thing that shocked me the most about today, is how useless I felt by the end of the day, like my life was going to end or something. I just can't stand the idea of failing at solving a design problem, or not being able to come up with a perfect or even good outcome. I have never felt so horrible, I felt worse even than when I had been through a break-up. Maybe because I couldn't use my talent to conquer a problem, something I have alwayd been able to do.

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I hope to solve the problem that I was unable to solve today, otherwise, tomorrow i will be feeling just as dejected as I do now :(

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