Thursday, July 06, 2006

To DO is to BE, or to BE is to DO?

Do you ever feel like you never get to spend quality time with your partner, or your family, or even your friends? Do you ever feel like even though you make time for people you are not even really in the moment as you are just thinking about all of the other meaningless cr*p that you have to do later, or tomorrow, or next week, or that major thing next year that requires planning?

I feel like I am a ship passing in the night past my husband at the moment, we rarely get to spend quality time together. I can’t remember the last time that we spent the whole day together, just being together, eating breakfast together, going for a walk together, just laying on the couch for hours together, not since our honeymoon probably. It is so depressing that we lives our lives so caught up in DOING instead of just BEING!

As young “successful” people we are always pushed to have the best job, the best home, the best cooking, the best relationship, the best social lives, the best at hoarding loot or killing enemies in a computer game. We even feel pressured to be readers, writers, artists, perfect daughters and sons, brothers and sister. We feel the need to help everyone around us, to solve everyone’s problems, to encourage everyone around us and try to keep ourselves motivated at the same time. These are all great things, which are all a lot of fun and some even rewarding. But when you look back and see all of the time that you spent DOING all of these things, ignoring the people close to you and not just BEING in the moment when all of these precious moments were taking place, all of them seem meaningless.

The hardest part is when you have this realisation but you can’t seem to slow yourself down, and you can’t seem to get others to see it as a problem and slow down too. Would we all be happier, less stressed, healthier, more functional as human beings? I know that I would be all of these things if I could just learn to shut down the very dominant side of me that can’t help but DO DO DO all the time.

What if I could just BE for a day…what would that be like?

P.S I know the title doesn't make sense...but I just like to play with your minds!!

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