Saturday, July 01, 2006

Maxtor My Baby

Yesterday my husband told me over msn that he had found the ultimate, the best, the most wicked external hard drive for me. He gave me all the details, I packed up my office gear so quick it was like I was Superwoman, and bunged myself into the car and off to Osborne Park. See, I get really excited when I can actually go and spend money, as these days we don’t really spend money on many things except bills and food (so basically nothing fun!). Except that after buying the hard drive I drove past Ikea and saw that they were having a sale and had to dart in for some storage bargains (that was fun!).

For anyone who knows me well, they will know that I am the organisation queen, the clean queen, essentially the “I am totally Anal” Queen (and that is totally non-sexual before anyone gets any ideas). When I see storage on sale I wet my pants with excitement! One of my girl friends called me two weeks ago from a new storage shop that she had discovered in Subiaco because she just had to let me know that she had found more of my storage crack and all was not lost. I didn’t want to admit it but when she called I got so excited that I peed a little.

So $82 dollars later, I had many different storage solutions for our house that I am looking forward to implementing room by room over the next few weeks. I found some $1.95 storage boxes and I couldn’t stop myself from filling half of my trolley with them. I was like a crazed Italian housewife in Woolies when she sees that the tinned tomatoes are on sale, just think of the opportunity for making bulk loads of Spaghetti Bog!! (Hang on a tic…that is totally something I would do)

So back to Maxtor My Baby! I am also anal with my backing up of files (oh boy, that sounded dodgy, keep it clean people). I have set up a backup of my entire laptop hard drive, so that if it has a hissy fit they can reboot from Maxtor My Baby! How awesome is that!

Happy 1st Day Birthday Maxtor My Baby!

P.S Happy New Financial Year (for tomorrow)

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