Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bhuja Crisps

Last night when my husband and I arrived home there was a large box at our front door step, which turned out to be a belated wedding present from a group of people that he used to work with. We opened the box with excitement to find a truckload of goodies inside! Delicious snacks, oils, marmalades, coffee, beer, chocolates and many more yummy treats, all gourmet of course!

Our little eyes lit up with joy (mainly due to the fact that we were both starving and the exciting prospect of gorging ourselves on these gourmet snacks as opposed to having to cook dinner was on our minds). As we were fossicking through, I came across some funny crispy like biscuits, that kind of look like those little dried Japanese crackers, and they were called…wait for it…Bhuja Crisps! Now I know you are thinking “Whatever! They are just crisps!” But if you pronounce the crisps the way I like to pronounce them you get Boooyhaaa Crisps! Which in our ravenous state we found absolutely hilarious, so much so that we took photos of the Boooyhaaa Crisps, to preserve their memory of course!

Now you are thinking “Oh dear, you sad sad panda’s”, but look we are married, ok, this is like the most exciting thing that has happened to us all week! Haa haa, only kidding hon.

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