Friday, June 16, 2006


You know it’s funny how one thing can bring you down from being so high and having a great day. When you are so convinced that something will turn out and then it doesn’t. I suppose I shouldn’t have such high expectations of every situation, but then I would become negative, but then again I would avoid disappointment. A catch 22?

I lost an opportunity to do a job because someone quoted less than my totally reasonable quote. I know that I would have done an excellent job, it would have been well researched and tightly designed, with great attention to detail. I also know that if someone quoted less than me (my quote was quite cheap in design standards) that they most definitely could not be doing the job properly. I only know this because they would have had to cut down on several elements of the process, either in research, concepts, design and refinements time. Which will mean that the client will probably end up with a sub-standard outcome. Which I think upsets me more than loosing the opportunity. The fact that the client, who is so passionate about this project, will end up with a dud, but won’t realise until it’s all too late and their project flops, or doesn’t thrive liked they dreamed.

Oh well, what can you do? Nothing…and hope that something else comes along to fill the hole where that project would have been.


Vlad D said...

If the client was so dedicated to his project and he chose the cheaper version maybe he has some money issues ? :P else, his dedication to the project its only at the surface... and you can only say... its his loss :p.

Offer him free consulting on the job the other company does for him. I am sure its a win/win situation... think about it

bec said...

Good idea. :) Thanks Vladdy. :)