Monday, June 26, 2006

The Wedding Album

On the weekend my husband and I went to see our wedding photographer. It was amazing, his photos were beautiful, every single one of them. We spent four hours there, designing the album, whichwe have had to make much longer than originally intended. Which is going to cost us an absolute fortune! Literally, a fortune!

If we chop out some of the photos we risk losing a part of the story, which is how we have tried to put together the album, it captures moments in time throughout the story of our day. There is the toss-up of; do we spent the money and treasure these memories properly; or do we cut it down to save money and not really be happy with the final outcome?

We decided that you can’t put a price on memories. This was a really significant day for us and we want to be able to show our children how magical a day it was for us, and not forget those special moments that we had with each other and all of those that celebrated it with us.

Aaah love, marriage, money …memories. I loved our wedding day; I will always remember it with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. I love you hubberoona.

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