Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 & Got to get back into the rythym (spelling)

Firstly apologies about the possible misspelling above, after all I am a designer and I do normally just insert the content I am thrown. :) Also I don’t even know if there is misspelling there or not, that’s how crap I am at spelling.

I have been really quite slack when it has come to this blob lately, there have been many opportunities for entries but lets just say this, I couldn’t be a*sed logging on. It is a pity though as life is constantly full of funny little stories that I feel I should share, even though most likely, no one reads this.

We just had a long weekend here in Perth, thought being decidedly ignorant I have no idea what the public holiday is for. In fact I didn’t even know there was a public holiday on Monday, till last Friday. That’s jut how out of the loop I am with the big wide world. My “out of the loop-ness” draws from the fact that I now boycott the news on a regular basis, as (a) it has become to depressing and I often feel like shooting myself afterwards or having my tubes tied so as to not expose children to this world, and (b) I fee like the news has turned into a huge circus act of sensationalism, which only makes point (a) even worse.

The long weekend was lovely! Although we had so much time we did no housework. Though I did all of the washing, about a 50 tonne of ironing, the groceries, and we planted some rosemary along our front fence. The plants are really small, and we want them to grow into a hedge, but I have a feeling that it will take a good 5 years for this to happen, so we will just have to live with crappy little shrubs.

It is currently 3pm on Tuesday, and I appear to have reached my limit work wise, I feel like I have a long weekend hangover. All of that lazing around the house and sleeping in seems like a lifetime away as I sit here in the office in Fremantle. But don’t be fooled! I love my job and I love coming to work, but today I forgot my wallet (due to long weekend hangover) and since then I have felt all out of sorts, oooowwww and I just burnt my tongue on my coffee and almost choked on it. I just feel like I am living in a blur today.

Today also is the 6.6.06 and many people seemed to be concerned with this being D-day, the devil’s day. I am not much of a believer in mumbo jumbo like this, I tend to suppress being suspicious otherwise I would not sleep at night, and would imagine that there was a tiny devil creature dancing on my bed head. Every morning (actually every time I get in the car) I listen to Triple J Radio, and this morning they had people ringing up identifying parts of their morning which were consistent with the coming of the devil (all jokes of course but some good stories). One guy was driving behind a car with 666 as the number plate, there were many other stories, I believe that the devil stole my wallet and that’s why I had to bum $3.50 for parking of a stranger.

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