Friday, June 09, 2006

Glad to be back with his Wifemon

My husband arrived home last night about an hour late as his plane was delayed, and he looked happy but exhausted. He told me that he really missed his Wifemon (nickname for me based on Pokemon). It was so great to see him, I suppose you don’t realise how much you appreciate having someone around till they are gone. I know it’s pathetic, and that it was one night, but it felt weird, it was the first night we have spent apart since we got married.

It is great to have sleep hugs, which is actually what I missed the most. I think the Artist formerly known as Subby Hubby (alias; Lasagne Goddess), would have found it a bit strange if I cuddled up to her on Wednesday night like I do with him.

Aah the comfort of a strong relationship with someone is so relaxing for the soul.

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