Monday, June 12, 2006

I used your head as a remote boat while you were sleeping

Last night my husband and I planned a nice evening together, we had a lovely meal at home, he gave me a shoulder massage and then we chilled on the couch and watched the World Cup. Generally I am not interested in watching any kind of sport, but the soccer is ok, and I especially enjoy looking at my husband’s contorted face when something goes wrong in the game or someone misses a close goal. I was so exhausted that after about 10 minutes of WorldCup goodness and face contortion I literally passed out, effectively turning our night together into a night where he watches sports and laughs at me dribbling in my sleep. You could say we are pretty comfortable with each other.

This made me think about all of the things that happen when you get too comfortable in a relationship, I think you know you have reached this stage when:
o You feel you can break wind in the presence of your lover.
o You are soaking their shirts in Napisan, and take pleasure at being able to get out the pit stains.
o You look forward to spending your Sunday night watching a DVD and getting through the large ironing pile made up of those same shirts.
o You get horny when you see your partner doing housework, because you are so excited that its happening (we will
re-address this topic at a later date)
o Your partner uses your head as a remote boat while you are passed out on the couch.

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