Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why do we have to schedule our p**ty tang? Because Australia is playing Japan honey!

Last night Australia played Japan in the World Cup, though I don’t know why I am pointing that out as everyone will inevitably know unless they had their head under a rock for the last week. It was a good game, but it didn’t go well for quite a while, and I was convinced that I would have a very grumpy husband to deal with after the game. It’s funny how an Australian team loss is somehow comparable to the funeral of a loved one, and a win means that everyone is more excited than if they were attending a wedding or birth of a child.

In last nights game there was much face contorting which I found hilarious, and much yelling at the screen and verbal encouragement of the guys, which I am sure they could hear all the way in Germany!! I always find it funny to l see/hear screen yellers. Do they realise that no one, except their soon to be deaf partners/housemates can hear them?

Luckily Australia came to the party at the end of the game and scored 3 goals in the last 8-10 minutes. Thankyou Tim Cahill you have saved me from grumpy husband disorder.

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