Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Higgledy Piggledy

I don’t know about everyone else but I have certain experiences/things in my life that I react to in a very strong way. What I mean is, that after I do the dishes I have to wipe every part of my sink, bench and stovetop to remove any droplets of water. When the wind blows my hair in my mouth I have this knee-jerk reaction where I feel like I may vomit if I don’t get it out (AAH GET IT OUT!) If I see that the coffee table has the TV Guide and remotes just laying higgledy-piggledy, I have this underlying twitch that forces me to walk over and straighten it all up. I have the tendency to think that our house is a pigsty, and my husband looks at me, lift's an eyebrow, and says, “Are you kidding? It’s spotless!” If I stall the car at the traffic lights, I want to shrivel up into a peanut and hope that no-one saw that stupid woman, who after three years of driving, should be able to find the balance between her accelerator and clutch. Because I feel that after this amount of time I should be able to drive with absolute precision…mmm maybe I am a perfectionist…MAYBE??!!

I also tend to try and better the order in which I do things in the morning to optimise the time that I can spend in the shower and moisturise my entire body so that I don’t dry up like an old prune (I get very dry skin in the winter, not that everyone needed/wanted to know that).

So, the question is…am I OCD?! Or am I just like everyone else, who has their weird little rituals and phobia’s that help them get through the day?

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