Monday, July 10, 2006

The Trip of a Lifetime

Yesterday my brother and his girlfriend left for a 4 month trip around Europe! They are so excited and it was great to see them off at the airport the same way the family saw me off around 6 years ago, when I went overseas on my own 4-month trip. They are so much more organized than I was, I was a bit of a hippy with an old manual camera, a pair of well worn jeans, my supermarket food, and my lack of spending money. Alternatively they have heaps of savings, a brand new savvy camera, new luggage and a more extensive tour. Although I am sure that we will both have had by the end a fantastic, eye-opening trip.

Nothing can prepare you for a trip like this, you can never attempt to create in your mind a vision of what it will look like. Because when you get there you realise that there is a whole new word out there that you never could picture here in Perth. Europe is amazing, it’s huge, and it is full of absolute excitement and wonder for anyone who comes from this modest little city of Perth. We live in such isolation in this city, not at all like the eastern states of Australia, where you drive for a few hours you can be in a different city, here you have to drive for 3 days non-stop to get to another city! In Europe if you drove for 3 days non-stop you could visit several countries!

The best thing about being from somewhere so isolated and visiting such a densely populate area of the world, is that you find everything amazing and new. The age and the beauty of the culture, architecture and people are mind boggling. I saw Viking huts that were thousands of years old in Denmark, churches which have lived through the Reformation in Belguim, city’s that have been completely destroyed in World Wars in The Netherlands, and walls that the Romans built, the list goes on and on.

Mmm, I am so jealous…it makes me want to embark on another journey overseas, but then I realise that I have just embarked on a new journey here. My own business and new marriage! These are exciting time for us all! No matter what journey we are travelling on, overseas or in our modest little cities. J

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