Monday, June 11, 2007

Raining hard

It has been pretty wet here lately in Sydney town. It has also been pretty chilly. I almost feel like we are living in Europe, which is kind of cool. I have been whipping out all of my retired winter clothes, those that were banished to the plastic storage boxes under the bed. I have pulled out my box of scarves. Yes, I have a box of them. Yes, I realise that I live in Australia, but I can always live in hope that one day the climate may change enough that I get to wear a scarf everyday.

I have always loved winter, perhaps being born in our country's capital has something to do with that. I like the beach, but I have to be honest if it got cold enough that I never was able to go again, I am not sure that I would be that disappointed. Blashphemy! I hear you scream. I know that I should love the beach and the sunshine like all other Aussie's, and I do really like the beach , and I love sunshine. But I really love a crisp cold morning, rugged up in a scarf, ugg boots in the evenings, snuggles on the couch, being able to sleep soundly at night, not sweating, autumn leaves falling, open fires and marshmallows, hot chocolates, steaming herbal teas, doonas, turtle neck jumpers, elegant winter gloves and delicate gloves, staring out the window at the rain falling, hearing the rain patter on a tin roof. I could go on forever. There is just so much to love about the colder months. Though I do appreciate the balance of summer, sometimes I think that summer gets too much of a go in Australia, I wish winter had a bit more of an opportunity to that an oxymoron?

The only annoying thing is getting wet running from your apartment to the car parked under the dead bat tree.

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