Thursday, December 01, 2005

Promise not to use the "L" word again!

Ok so I finally realised why my last blog was booted from the site, and that was because I used the "L" word in association with a dream I had about a certain actress. Obviously that was a little risque for Blogger, so I promise not to use that word again, until I learn how to design and construct websites and I can have my own little "L" word fest!

So now that I am back it's back to the usual rants and thoughts, that I will now vet swear words and offensive words out boring!

You know sometimes I feel incredibly un-funny…in fact I always feel un-funny. The only time that people generally laugh at or with me is when I do something stupid or say something stupid, not because of an excellent joke, intelligent come-back or a fantastic twist of the English language. Lets face it I am a total goof! A totally exhausted goof!

Speaking of goofy things that make you exhausted, on Monday night a girlfriend and I went to Body Combat, a boxing/kick-boxing class at our gym, we both came out feeling extremely exhausted and have ached ever since (it’s now Wednesday night!). I have been going to the gym regularly since July, and I thought I was getting pretty fit, but I felt like I had been a couch slob my entire life when I was in that class punching/kicking the air, and bouncing on the spot. My poor calf muscles have not yet forgiven me for the torture I had put them through and they still wince every time I take a step, or press in the clutch in the car.

Straight after the class on Monday I came home. took a shower and washed my hair and I could hardly lift my arms up to rub the shampoo and conditioner in! Isn’t that pathetic!! (that’s more of a statement of truth rather than a question, hence the exclamation marks) Even re-adjusting my position on the couch still hurts my arms. I don’t know why we decided that putting ourselves through that torture was a good idea, but I suspect that we will be doing so again next Monday. I have heard that this class, apart from being killer pain producer, it also killer “toight” muscle producer. Which is something I have been trying to achieve for my butt and stomach…wait for it…this is the part where people I know all moan and tell me I am a stick insect. But guess what?! Stick insects still have flabby bits that they aren’t happy with, and my butt and stomache have flabby bits that require a bit of tightening.

You know what’s funny? I can’t remember the point at which the skin on my ass became softer and looser, and my butt began to jiggle more. It has kinda crept up on me in the last two years. The fiancĂ©e would tell me otherwise, he like others think I look fabulous, and hey I think I look kinda fabulous too, but everyone has at least one thing that they don’t like about their bodies…isn’t this normal?

There is a girl at my gym who is extremely fit, nothing jiggles when she walks, though I must admit I think she may have rented an apartment at the gym! She is always there, but she looks fabulous. I know what your all thinking, “Well, that doesn’t matter , she is probably a "b***ch”, but actually she seems lovely. She has a great honest smile, and I think that this only makes her seem more beautiful.

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