Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Work Holiday

Well I have finally been able to log on and update this blog. I have not really had much of a life this week so far, have been starting work at the crack of dawn everyday, even today...until I puked at work and came home...and slept half the day. Then watched sex and the city the other half. So feeling recovered but still enduring the period pain and the sore back. Being a woman is great...except for that one week a month where you have to endure pain and bleeding!

This weekend I am off down south with the work colleages for an Xmas celebration, I am excited yet nervous. It will be wierd to see people outside of work being their home selves, relaxed, casual, in their Pj's in the morning eating brekkie. It will be an interesting weekend, but I am looking forward to getting away down south, as I have been dying to escape this city for ages! I don't live in a big city, but sometimes it is neccessary to escape it.

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