Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sheets Glorious Sheets!


I love a freshly made bed! I always have to have shower at night before I get into a freshly made bed, despite the fact that I am generally a morning shower kinda gal. Clean sheets seem so precious, and crisp and...well...clean that you don't want to ruin them by sleeping in them. Also you know that you can never be bothered tucking in that top sheet all neat and tidy with hospital corners after the first night of rest, and that you will just pull the doona over to hide the bed, because you can't be a*sed making the bed properly.

Apart from the clean bed linen, I think that I have had THE most glorious weekend ever (well, so far anyway)! Apart from the fact that it is the first weekend since I have been back at work (which does help ALOT!), I have just felt totally chilled out and have done everything I have wanted.

Friday evening I laid on the couch, did my dishes and two loads of wash, and watched Kindegarten Cop. I know this may souds pathetic, but it was just what I needed! Before this, the fiancee and I stood out on the street with the neighbours had an alchoholic beverage, watered our lawns and caught up on neighbourly gossip...fabulous!

This morning I slept in, had a coffee in my great antique chair in my back yard, and then prepped myself for some grocery shopping with a girlfriend. Again...I am hearing the groans over the cables...but it was great and COOL! Unless you have experienced a 37 degree humid day in Perth, you will never appreciate the heaven that is...the shopping centre!

Then I came home, had a delish sausage roll and prepped for the beach! My girlfriend picked me up, we grabbed some take-away coffees and headed down to Cottosloe Beach, heaven on a stick in weather like this. And let me tell you the difference in temperature between the subhurbs and the coast is AMAZING! We sat on the grassy hill above the beach, under the pine trees, and talked...for 3 and a half hours. And occasionally perved (just a little) on the extraordinary amount of cute guys present. (Now remember coupled girls, "You can get your appetite anywhere, but you can only eat at home!") The breeze was, well, exquisite! There is no other word for it, I had the best time ever! Though we found ourselves perving more at little babies, than boys, mmmm is this a sign of us getting older and cluckier?? Oh dear!!!

We finished the evening off, with some peppermint foot bomb soaks, moisturiser and socks, champayne, and last (but definitley not least) Sex and the City!

What a B-E-A-utiful day! (In the immortal words of Jim Carrey, though he isn't dead)

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