Sunday, September 10, 2006

80’s Fashion…Tragic

“There is only one significant thing that I took away from the show, and that is how profoundly scared I am of the dramatic and tragic turn fashion has suddenly taken. From Kanye West's white tapered pants to Paris Hilton's black Grandpa ankle boots, fashion is trying to pull the 80's out of its very deep grave. I'd recently been to a local clothing store and noticed the skinny pants and leggings and cropped fishnet sweaters, and I had chosen not to believe that it was happening. But you can't ignore it when it is trotted out on a New York stage and flaunted as if it were perfectly okay (it isn't! it isn't okay!).”


Next thing you know we will be surrounded by huge shoulder pads, huge hair, and huge piles of my vomit on the sidewalk after I am exposed to the horror that is bad 80’s fashion. Like Dooce, I have too seen the slow creep of bad 80’s fashion returning to clothing stores, TV, movies and music videos. I would personally like to know who decided that it was okay to turn back the clock to skinny jeans and slouchy boots! Because I would like to wack them over the head with their own slouchy boots, and remind them that there was a very good reason why all that fashion was donated to Good Sammy’s!

I remember looking back at photos of my Mum and my Aunties when I was a grung-ing teenager and thinking, what did they possibly think was ok about shoulder pads in a t-shirt, high-waisted stonewash jeans and white tapered pants?! My mum was also guilty of popping my hair in the telltale 80’s side pony tail! But maybe she did that so she could have easy access to yank on it when I was being a moody 8 year old. (I can’t actually remember my mum ever doing this to me, but if I were her I probably would have been tempted to. I was a moody kid who felt like I was missing out cause I only had 1 barbie doll, and all my friends had 300, more of my Barbie denied childhood later.)

My real worry is…how did men find women attractive in this period of time? They would have had huuuuuge hair, and huuuuuge everything else, bright makeup, manly shoulders…the list goes on. How was I even born in the 80’s? How did people have s*x in the 80’s with huge shoulder pads, skin tight leggings and skinny leg jeans blocking their access?

Please go to the below link, scroll and laugh, laugh, laugh. But remember it may not be long before we are faced with this horror very soon.

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