Monday, September 11, 2006


P-Touched: A person who takes organization to such extremes that it comes off as a little mental.

Term from:

No, she does not mean the P-Touch, that lovely little Brother label printer, though that item does assist the P-Touched person in organizing their lives to the point of being mental. I don’t have a P-Touch, I am a P-Toucher who uses a Dymo Letra Tag!

If you are P-Touched you are not alone, many of my girlfriends may also be P-Touched, I am probably worse than them, but perhaps not as bad as all of the women in my mother’s family! In fact my Grandmother may be the most P-Touched person that I have ever met, or even that exists on this earth. No offence Grammy, I aspire to your P-Touched-ness.

I really love this new term, I wonder if Mighty Girl has made this one up? If so, clever girl! I now have a new word to help me categorise my an*l-ness.

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