Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fire fox – The not so new revolution

Now I know that Fire fox has been around for a while, well on internet time…ages! But I have only just caught on, and decided to install and power up Fire fox.

And…I love it. It is so much more user friendly than Safari, your regular web browser for Mac.

A few of my favourite functions:
Use of tabs instead of multiple windows
So easy to use, especially for morons like me
Importing of all of your bookmarks seamlessly
Cool extensions to the base Fire fox program that allow you to synchronize bookmarks between computers on your network, video down loader, Ad block filter, and the ever important Calorie King Toolbar, because what would life be like if you couldn’t search instantly for foods and decide whether you should ingest 50 million calories? Well it would be sh*t and guilt free, and we can’t be women without a large slab of guilt to make us feel feminine.

So I recommend putting the Internet Explorer, Netscape’s, Safari’s on the back burner and use Firefox instead!

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