Friday, March 17, 2006

Bomb Threats and Vogue

I was sitting in my office this afternoon, innocently working away, when all of these cops rocked up out the front of my building. I work in Fremantle, so at first I thought someone had been broken into. But to my suprise they came to my office door and told me to get out of the building as there had been a bomb threat!

I just closed up my laptop (which contains my entire life!) and grabbed my handbag and I was outta there! I looked around before I left at all of the lovely design books that would be soon to be exploded and tried to think of how I could get them all out of the building in 3 minutes. Unfortunatley I had to leave all of those lovingly crafted books and do a runner. :(

The police blocked off the whole street and evacuated everyone, and we found out eventually that someone had called the transport company downstairs from us, told them there was a bomb in the building and that we had 30 minutes to get out!

On the upside, nothing ended up exploding, so all the lovely design books are safe and sound. I spent a couple of hours outside on the street with my laptop, and when that ran out of batteries, I went and bought a Vogue magazine. When spending time evacutated from your office reading Vogue has a good calming effect I find. :)

So now I am sitting in the office hoping that the phone rings again, so I can go back to the grass and finish Vogue! Just kidding! ;)

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