Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Prying my eyes open with Coffee

I have discovered that there is an exact formula to me waking up in the morning, the most important of which is coffee. I foolishly thought I could make it this morning without coffee and now it is 10:30am and I have had to make myself a delicious cup. :)

My morning formula includes; a shake from my fiancee "the alarm has gone off, get up!", then rolling out of bed into the shower, peanut butter toast, then coffee (sweeeeeet coffee). I am addict, just like so many other millions in this world. I am a fan of the flat white, no suger please! There is only a requirement for sugar with me if I am having a short black/espresso. I haven't quite worked myself up to being able to chug a short black with out a solitary teaspoon of sugar.

My mum took me overseas for my 21st present and we spent 2 weeks in Italy and 1 week in France. We loved the coffee in Italy, the cafe's were a combo with the bakery, so you could get some pastry goodness and a fantastic short black. They actually call a cappucino an American Coffee, as it is not a regular coffee in Italy. So in our effort to live the culture of Italy we chugged out short blacks daily (with a hidden sugar).

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