Thursday, March 23, 2006

Feeling a little over-whelmed?

Last night I went to an AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) Function. It was about micro businesses, or small business with 1-3 people in them. It was choka-block full of interesting information, experiences and projects by three designers who ran Micro design business'.

I walked out feeling so inspired, and so in awe of what they had been able to achieve by themselves! I also walked out feeling like I had so much to live up to! So many people have told me that I have what it takes to make this work, even senior designers have, but there is always this lingering feeling inside of "What the hell are you doing starting your own business?!" and "Are you a nutter?!"

One of the speakers even indicated that you have to be a bit of a nutter to take take a chance and start your own business, so I guess that I am definitley a nutter. So yeah, I am feeling a little over-whelmed. I am almost looking forward to the Wedding being over so I can concentrate on building this business properly and have time to get into the nitty gritty details of it all. :)

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