Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dirty Hangman at Cottosloe Beach

After a fantastic brekkie at Sassy's on the Swan with the ladies, which had us talking mostly about babies and marriage (how scary, we are offically old!), two of my fantastic girlfriends (and bridesmaids) and I went to Cottosloe Beach to bask in the late afternoon sun. We of course were wearing sunscreen, after all we are responsible, and old, and trying to preserve our skin! Ok we are not old, we are only 23-24, which is actually young. :)

So at the beach we chose a great piece of Cottosloe grass, suncream-ed and settled into a few hours of relaxing and chatting. It all started off well, until one of the lovely ladies looked up towards the large limestone wall and was greeted by a man (of around 40) with short short short loose loose loose shorts on, and a little suprise hanging out (if you know what I mean). It was horrifying, and really embarrassing for us, and well...him, except that he had no idea he was showing the world his goodies. As one of the girls said, it is like a car accident, you know you don't want to look, but you just have to. For the whole 2.5 hours we kept finding ourselves looking, periodically, even though we didn't want to! D**n that human need to look at things you're not supposed to.

It gets better, the couple next to us were getting very friendly with each other, and they were both wearing bikini's. Our partners would have killed to be there! What is it with men and l**b**ns?

And now comes the sad part, there was a really pretty young girl leaning against the earlier mentioned limestone wall, who was sniffing paint fumes out of a drink bottle. It was heart breaking to see. All alone, and after a few hours of it she didn't even hide it as she was so out of it. What can you do in a situation like that? You can't very well go up to her an confiscate the bottle and spray paint, and there was no one of authority there that we could tell, no cops and the lifeguards were long gone. It was horrible, and I know all three of us haven't been able to get that vision of her laying on the grass out of our heads. :(

Well after that sad note, we did manage to keep our spirits up with a few rounds of raunchy hangman, haa haa I haven't played hangman since I was in primary school (with decidedly less raunch factor)! :) Oh dear, the immaturity! :)

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