Friday, March 24, 2006

Damn those Nitpicking Genes

I don't know about other women, but I have this unbeleivable fascination with nitpicking, which is completely subconscious. I wish I could stop doing it, as the fiancee has a shitty and closes down whenever I do it and my conscious mind doesn't want to expose him to the wrath that is nitpicking. And I know that it is bad, but it must be a genetic disposition in all of the women in my family. Damn those Nitpicking Genes!

I know that I am capable of controlling my subconsious and crazy nitpicking genes, but it does require a lot of concentration!

The stupid thing is that often the nitpick is not even about something that actually happened or didn't happen, its like my brain just invents subjects to nit pick about. The reason I am writing about this is that after some un-ruly nitpicking last night, my fiancee blew his lid (understandably) as the thing I had nitpicked about was one of the said imaginary situations. And now he is still shitty at me, I can't stand it when people are angry at me, I hate it, it makes me squirm. I always want to grab the nitpick out of the air and shove it back in my mouth before it gets within his earshot. But unfortunately I cannot move at the speed of sound.

Somebody help me to stop nitpicking, and just let real and imaginary things go! Because really, in the larger scheme of things I know that the small stuff doesn't matter.

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