Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wine, Spaghetti and Freezer Defrosting

Last Sunday one of my closest and dearest girlfriends returned from overseas, she has been a travelling mirage for 9 and a half months, and I have missed her almost uncontrollably. Whenever I was falling apart I knew I could count on her and she knew she could count on me. She is fabulous, gorgeous, kind, caring, supportive and I know that she has my back in any situation.

We had a lovely Friday evening of wine, spaghetti, long chats and freezer defrosting. See, I can count on this amazing woman to have my back on EVERY occasion, including freezer defrosting! My fiancee was digging at the ice at the front of our freezer that was preventing us from shutting it, when she stepped in with the egg flipper and the tenacity of an ice mountain climber. In fifteen minutes flat my freezer was a 3/4 bigger, and I could fit all of my fish, crumpets, mince meat and steak into the freezer with no troubles what-so-ever. :)

Like I said, she is the gal who always has my back, she's the egg flipper in my freezer! :) (mmm that sounds kinky!)

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