Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Pizza Box that Just Won't Let Go

A few weeks ago the fiancee and I ordered Pizza Hut, which although we normally avoid we ended up having to order as all of the other good pizza shops were unavailable. So after eating it, and feeling terribly sick from the grease afterwards we disposed of our pizza box responsibly into the recycling bin.

A few days later the recycling went out, and all was emptied except the pizza box which was clinging to the bottom of the recycling bin. So the pizza box went out again this week in the recycling bin, and yet again the box remained! Now I know what you are thinking...'the box is stuck to the bottom with grease, or wedged in there'. But it's not, I checked and shifted it around!

So my story (and I'm sticking to it) is that the pizza box is either in love with us and/or our recycling bin, or that it is sitting there as a reminder of the unbeleivable bloating that was felt by the two of us after eating it, teaching us that Pizza Hut, no matter how hungry you are, is not worth the bloating.

Its like Eddie Murphy says about the chunk of sh*t in his 80's comedy routine Raw, "What does that chunk want?"

"Hey box...what do you want!!"

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